Adding base lines and 7th intervals to a piece of fake music is a straight forward step in arranging or composing your own music. In this session we do that for our song.

Arranging and composing your own music can be the most frustrating or fulfilling thing you might try in music. This series will explore using music theory to help you through that process. Part 1 …

One of the most fascinating factors in learning music is progressing from absorption of concepts and principals into experimentation mode. Trying these concepts will help you learn faster.

In the previous discussion of bass lines we’ve talked about creating your own with the idea that needing something is often the mother of invention. In bass line voice leading we talked about a few options to help you be creative with bass lines. This time we are going to talk about scale choices. One […]

“It’s great to hear that you are creating your own bass lines. That process will serve you well, not only because you get a bass player to “jam” with, but because it will address the same skills needed for soloing.” Some general guidelines to keep in mind:

A few thoughts and traveling and listening to music or study as you make the trip.

Making up your own bass lines for practicing. Notation software with midi output makes this an option for the beginner.

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