Today I am excited to share and recommend you to a new post by my friend and mentor Bob Gillis. Bob has recently just spent some significant time composing and recording for a new film due out in late 2014. He has taken the time to share his experience with various aspects of how this […]

As another year comes around to a close it’s time for a little reflection and to take stock in the highs and lows of my music. The past year has been a very tremulous time for me with some real ups and downs. On the up side I’ve had several new projects which I’ve been […]

Attention songwriters and those wanting to get started in songwriting! My friend, Anthony Ceseri, has just launched a new membership site for songwriters. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of his years of experience in studying songwriting. He will be pulling out the VERY BEST information he has to offer for those that […]

Learning to read music is a like learning a new language. There are supplemental home study programs to speed up the process of learning music. Here are some suggestions.

Winter is on the horizon and various holidays are creeping upon us. So I’ve started thinking about the types of music related gifts I’ll be considering for my friends and family. Some times it’s as easy as getting a staff pad for writing down those impromptu riffs or melodies. Sometimes its about doing something a […]

I got an interesting tip the other day on how a student was having a difficult time trying to study.   Here’s what was happening. This student had a preconceived notion that they need to take an hour to study the music theory content. That thought alone was holding her back from actually accomplishing anything […]

There are many methods promoted to help you in learning to improvise music. The problem that we have is that most of these require you to have an understanding of music which may actually take you years to learn. Or they are focused in a way that made great sense to the author, but fail […]

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