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Tribute bands are more popular than ever, especially those who pay tribute to acts who are no longer with us. One act however has always been at the top of the tribute act list – Elvis Presley.

Some good and some bad Elvis impersonators keep the dream alive and it’s happening across the board. There are now professional tribute bands for acts such as U2, Take That and more and the truth is they are pretty good! Lots or corporate business are booking tribute bands for their events and these acts are demanding huge fees, sometimes several thousand pounds.

Audiences can’t always get to or afford to go and see their favourite band so tribute bands are a great alternative. Plus for some music fans it is simply not possible to see their favourite act any more as they have sadly passed on so for them it is great to relive the experience all over again – all be it a tribute.

Many music agents have caught on the idea of tribute acts and some have a whole list of acts on their list. Tribute bands are proving to be big business! A contributing factor to their success is that many music lovers are not catered for by what the record labels are offering in 2011.  Today’s music does not appeal to everyone so many are looking elsewhere. Many grew up with bands from previous decades and feel the modern music has let them down.

There is a whole debate about what good music is and what isn’t but what is important in the music industry is that there is something for everyone. There is a whole social element to tribute bands too such as dressing up for an 80’s themed party and dancing along to an 80’s tribute band. Other popular tributes include Pink Floyd and Queen. In fact the Queen tribute band ‘Killer Queen’ even have a dedicated stage show to accurately recreate the experience of being at a Queen concert.

It seems music fans are willing to pay for such show with these bands often selling hundreds if not thousands of tickets. Of course it is also much more affordable than the price you would pay for a ticket to see the real artist and often you can hardly tell the difference.

So – why not take a look at your local gig listings and find out where you nearest tribute act are performing. You might just be surprised at how good they actually are!

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