How to Get Local Gigs


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How to get local gigs

So you have been rehearsing hard and are looking to make your way in the music industry as a professional band. Where to start?

Becoming a proficient musician is all about working your way up. Some of the biggest stars have spent years developing their talent and learning the trade. The best way to learn the trade is to get out there and do it. Until you’re in front of an audience you won’t know how people will respond to your music. Audiences can be brutally honest (as long as the audience isn’t full of friends and family!) and playing live is a learning curve.

Local Gigs First

First of all you should try to get local gigs. Many towns don’t have dedicated music venues but some do. If they do then get in touch! Find out what type of events they have on and see if you can support one of the bands. Initially you may have to play for free but that is no bad thing. If you do well they may invite you back and pay you for your next gig!

Local pubs are also a good training ground. Many cover bands rise through the ranks by starting at local pubs. So popular is music in pubs that many venues build their trade around it. Some venues have bands on most nights of the week. If there aren’t any in your town then you may need to go your nearest city where there is sure to be a music scene of some kind.

Unfortunately due to tough times many pubs are closing down so it is becoming harder for musicians to get gigs. You should approach venue owners and give them a demo recording. Eventually someone will give you a chance! Self promotion is so important. The whole of the music industry is built around making contacts so if you think you can sit back and venues will come knocking on your door then think again. You need to be highly proactive.

Ready to Perform?

You do need to make sure though that you are ready to perform live. Some bands are so keen to get on the circuit that they really need more time to develop. You do not want to stand up in front of an audience and be heckled as you will probably never set foot on stage again! Hone your musical skills, network effectively and the gigs will eventually come your way. For more information visit Music Live UK.

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