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My new friend Kathy Unruh has published a learn guitar ebook. It's called “Any Body Can Learn Guitar“. Kathy uses similar philosophies in teaching guitar as we do hear at the workshop.

abclgcover-smThe Learn Guitar ebook is especially targeted for the beginner student. This is not a theory course as much as it is a quick start guide to the some of the most common theory elements and how to apply them when learning guitar.

This is an ideal way to get up to speed on playing guitar and begin learning some of the essential music principals. As a beginners guide to guitar it will provide a solid base of knowledge where you can then expand your music study into more depth with music theory and playing technique.

Kathy has been kind enough to provide a sample of the course introduction covering the anatomy of a guitar and the string note identifications so you can get a flavor of the teaching style. Get it here:


Feedback from beginner guitar students has been great. As a musician and teacher you have knowledge already about music so when you read something it makes sense immediately.

What's harder is to try and be in a beginners shoes when they read the same material and hope they understand as much as you do.

So, I especially like to read feedback that says, “… you offer the best explanation that makes the most sense…” from a student. That's good to know that Kathy has really put a lot of effort into making the mini course simple and straight forward. 

Many of you have been commenting on videos making it easier to understand the instruction, and new guitar video instruction has been added to the latest release of this course.

Check out the offering at Any Body Can Learn Guitar and see that there's also a bonus guide you'll want to that has some gems on technique.

Mohamed Shajid October 12, 2012 at 7:04 am

This is seriously worth guide for who are trying to learn Guitar and nice name too, ABC any body can learn guitar 😀 It’s Rocking. 

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