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I've recently come across This site is for musicians of all levels and provides access to web tools to match musicians, professional recording artists, indie artists, bands, music industry professionals, venues, and hobbyists worldwide.

When you sign up, it gives you a presence to develop a highly customizable and in depth profile where you can build professional relationships, connect with fellow musicians, upload music, sell your music to make money, and build bands.

Currently the site has more than 8000 members. Over the past few years they surveyed the members to improve the site and give them more of what they wanted to promote and connect with other musicians.

Here are some highlights of the site:

MusicianMatch.comUser interface is fairly easy to follow, but is a bit over whelming on the home page with the multitude of tabbed sections. Most sections use this tabbing method to group related information onto one page.

I think they went a little over board on trying to include as much as possible, such as featured members, projects and video in one box and 3 news tabs and blog items in another. The page then also adds a featured songs and member boxes as well.

The flash video on the home page is very distracting and would have been best played once and stopped allowing you to restart on your own if wanted.

The top navigation has a lot of choices, both top and footer and you’ll spend a lot of time discovering the site options and information. Probably the first place you’ll want to visit is the site features for the run down on free and paid memberships and the associated feature with each.

Something I’m going to have to check out is the Virtual Projects section for on-line collaboration of music. This sounds like a very interesting concept to work with others.

They do have video tutorials and an expanded FAQ's section which will answer many of the initial questions about using the site.

How do Musicians Use the Site

The site can be used in several different ways. Generally you can:

  • Build a quality profile with as much content as possible including Video, MP3's, Photos, Gear for Sale, T-shirts for Sale, and much more.
  • Surf the site and use the search function to find musicians, producers, recording engineers, etc.
  • There’s an Off Site Search to find musicians from various music sites, send them your MusicianMatch profile, and ask them to join you.
  • Promote your profile using the typical share button to send your profile to all of your email and social network contacts and with free banner ads.
  • Add your profile to the major search engines for FREE using the button.
  • BUILD A BAND with those you meet in your local area or make Virtual Music over the web using Virtual Projects.

When you join the site you’ll want to build a quality profile page for yourself. The more information you provide the better your profile, especially as a musician, thus a better the chance of people finding you.

As a musician looking for connections you’ll want others to get a good idea of your sound and look as MP3's or as videos. It will be important to get MUSIC samples of your personal, solo, or band performances on the site.

Take a few minutes and check out today.

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