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I was asked how I approach improvisation of music the other day. I explained that it really takes on various forms depending on mood, intent, and objectives. However, I do find that some of the best efforts come from just sitting down and letting go.

The other day on a late summer day evening I was really relaxed and decided to play the ole piano and in the process decided to video and record the session.

The approach I choose to use was pick a key and scale and then just let go. This is based on Kenny Werner's idea of just letting things happen to see what you create.

It's not create but it's an idea you can use to begin your own improvisation. You'll see that I locked into a rhythm (most of the time) and then let the melody flow where ever. I followed some chromatic bass lines and then some familiar progressions.

So the form this time is pick and go, see what happens. I review the other attempts and may share those as well.

So go for it and see what happens for you.

Jon October 24, 2011 at 3:32 am

I like this. I think the key is to just not get trapped into thinking anything you improvise is a mistake. Then your mind will be able to pick up on those little seeds of ideas. It’s almost easy to get yourself into a trance while doing it too.


Brad_C October 24, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Agreed Jon, you’re spot on with the trance idea. improvising is not about possible mistakes it about experimentation and auditioning to find what might work. Things you think might not fit, at times, turn out to be an interesting surprise!

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