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Bob Gillis is a mentor, teacher of my daughter, and a great musician. Bob focuses on jazz piano/keyboard and trumpet as well as other horns.

Bob coached and mentored me on getting into the jazz world of music. His insight and suggestions are reflected through-out the music learning workshop site.

I teach straight music theory through this site. Bob on the other hand teaches technique and theory on a day to day basis, and gets to participate in the continual learning and studying music with others.

New Insights

guitar-scoringWhen I can, I set in on my daughters lesson. I'm typically reading email, or texting, but I'm still paying attention. I learn something every time I sit in. Now you can also catch a glimpse of some of these insights as well.

Bob has started writing a blog – , about the observations, creations, and trails of his students.

For the teacher in us this is fantastic insight into how students learns and internalize music concepts.

For the student in us, it's a chance to learn some little thing that will help us improve our knowledge or playing ability.

Learning by Observation

It is inspiring to learn and follow some of the hurdles that we all face as learning musicians, young and old, novice and experienced. I started reading his posts and I'm hooked.

Bob will be sharing some lots of great ideas and thoughts, I'm sure we all benefit from his experiences.

Checkout Bob's notes (pun intended) on what he's experiencing in the world of music teaching and learning.

Bob Gillis: Musician

Thoughts about trumpet, jazz piano, composing, improvisation and lessons from a professional musician and teacher in the greater Denver and Littleton areas.

Bob, Thanks for sharing!

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