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The idea of gaining music knowledge and impressions of students are very insightful. The member survey of a few weeks ago had a comment on learning music as being a hard and overwhelming concept. One budding musician and a member of the workshop proclaimed:

“I have become aware that music is very hard to learn, but with time and commitment I will be able to master music and that is what Music Learning Workshop has taught me.”

I will simply state that getting the proper knowledge in an effective way is how to overcome this issue.

Why It Can Become Hard to Learn Music.

Let's address why it can become hard even when you get the basic knowledge in the wrong way.

Sure you learn a C major scale by looking at the white keys on a piano and playing them with some fingering that you've been shown. Then they throw a new one at you with sharps or flats and you are starting over again.

Did you learn that scale formula and apply it consistently over all the keys? This sure would have been a lot easier if you had known the music theory and applied it before you spent all that time learning just one scale without the principals.

You see the hard part is in getting beyond the issues of thinking its hard, and knowing that its manageable and that learning and applying principals is what truly gives you the ability to learn music easily.

Effort Equals Results

music-effort-requiredI'm not going to say you don't have to put in effort. Actually I'll state it more directly. The more effort you put into learning and practicing your music the more you will get out of it. The more effective the methods used the more you will accomplish in a shorter period of time.

The music course offered through this site are designed with these concepts in mind. It's all about providing the tools and methods that make it easy with the effort that you apply.


As I started out writing this rant, with our member statement I wish to finish with a little praise.  For all of you that understand

“…with time and commitment I will be able to master music.”

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

Darn straight and good for you!!!!! That's the attitude we should all adapt.

I can agree that at times it does seem very hard. But it's really not that hard once we begin to understand the fundamental ideas.

As I read a little between the lines. It's that there is so much to learn and it can be hard to absorb all the information, but having a guided tour into music is what it takes to break it down and make it easier. Maybe it's not that its hard, but that it takes time and commitment to fully understand.

So tell us what you think. Is it hard or is it a lack of understanding?

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