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TUNINGFORK01Tuning into music technique is the ability to remove all noise and chaos from your focus and tune into what we want to receive.

This is a part of a theme that I am going to expand on and as enlightened by Victor Wooten in his book “The Music Lesson”.


Playing Music Is Built on Many Things

Your playing is based on reading and knowing notes, executing rhythm, understanding and utilizing scales, forming and progressing through chords, applying emotion with phrasing, accenting within phrasing, and more.

The mastery of these music techniques is what leads to your ability to tune into the music you’re playing. Without music understanding you end up with chaos and struggle with just mimicking the song rather than expressing or communicating your music.

Discover the Information You Want

In the grand scheme of things you receive what is already known or been defined and use it to create. That is the things you are learning or must learn are already there and you take this knowledge digest it and use it to produce music.

So it’s up to you to discover the music elements and principles then practice and apply them. Collect the knowledge, practice intently enough to be able to apply, and then produce music.

Make a Technique a Tool

The trick here is to understand that you can learn the techniques without weeks and months of practice. It takes concentrated effort to learn and then “tuning into the music” to apply.

The technique will become secondary to your focus. The production of music will be your primary concern and the technique will be the tool to get you there.

Techniques are tools of the musician. Knowing techniques provides you with the tools you need to play great music. Really it’s a two step process.

1. Concentrated study of a technique to acquire the ability.

2. Using what you know without concentrating to play.

Receive the Music Information Available For Limitless Creativity

Rather than think of a new music technique as learning, think of a it as receiving an already known piece of knowledge that you will acquire and then use as part of your musical journey.

This change in mind set will help you tune in faster to playing rather than focus on learning.

If you’re frustrated or struggling to improve your technique, there is a twofold process to moving on. It’s as simple as learning the principles or technique sufficiently and then applying them. As you apply these techniques they have a tendency to take care of themselves.

If you are not getting it sufficiently down, you’ll need to take a little additional time to improve your technique and then once again focus on playing your music.

I invite you to experiment with these ideas.

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