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The statement that learning piano is hard comes up a lot. Actually you hear this from time to time about every instrument. But why are these students actually making such statements?

Let's speculate about the issues that may be contributing to learning a musical instrument of any type.

First and foremost in my mind is the vary nature of being overwhelmed with music and learning music theory.

The Universe of Music

When someone first looks at the idea of learning rhythm, notes, the master staff, the key signatures, the scales, the 8 modes of scales, the dozen or more types of scales, 3 note chords, seventh chords, jazz chords, application of scales and chords, phrases of music and so on, I think it just scares the living daylights out of the students.

Just open up [simpleazon-link asin=”0520049446″ locale=”us”]Schonberg's Theory of Harmony[/simpleazon-link] with it's 400 plus pages and size 9 font and you're ready to find a whole new hobby.

girl-on-keyboardEven if you're lucky enough NOT to get blasted out of the park with a book like this you probably have a fear of never being able to accomplish that level of knowledge. Guess what you have a lifetime to try and 99% of all other musicians aren't even close to knowing all this knowledge.

Starting out at the Beginning

If you've taken lessons you know that you start at the most fundamental levels such as learning what notes are about and how that relates to basic rhythm.

You quickly explore various aspects of notes and relationships with time and pitch. It quickly moves on from there.

It really is the old cliché of how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So in learning music you simple do just that it's one bit at a time. Build on it and expand on your success.

What of the Big Picture

I've promoted that you need the big picture in order to know where you are going. I've even pontificated (oh a big word there) on seeing the larger picture to be able to drill in and start working the bits and pieces to create that big picture.

It's a lot like doing a jigsaw puzzle. You get to see the picture on the box, but then you have to go put all the pieces together to make it. You even start out with the easy more familiar patterns and colors to start your frame work and work in the more complicated pieces as you go.

So here's what I want to know just what do you think when it comes to learning music. Is it hard? Is it overwhelming? If so, what specifically are you feeling or experiencing?

This would be a good thing to share, I for a fact know you're not alone in your thoughts.

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