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Why Folks Sign Up with the Music Learning Workshop.com

Why would one want to Learn Music?

A form of this question was recently asked of the members of the Music Learning Workshop. In the survey we asked why are members joined our list and remain a member.

I find that it is interesting that we have such a love of music and for many of us it's easy to listen to the radio and download our favorite song for a buck, but when it comes to playing or creating our own music it's a whole different world.

Learning music can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of our life or it can be one of the most frustrating.

An Underlining Theme

The answers of the survey were diverse, but each one had an underlining theme of  ” I want to learn….”. From that start you can add instrument names like the piano or music in general. It really amounted to the desire to learn music or to improve their music knowledge and music skills.

The fact is that much of the basic principals here can be found other places. What came across was what we present in our site is easier to understand than what others are providing. It was even implied, and was our intent, that a holistic and broader approach to music theory is taught. (The big picture instead of just the pieces and parts)

Learning Fundamental Music Theory


As I explore other sites I feel that most of the information provided by others forgets that many students haven't learned some of the really fundamental basics to even understand what some of these sites are trying to tell us.

Before embarking on the concentrated study of music theory I felt I was always missing something. I had a difficult time figuring out things on my own.

I found that you need to take a much larger view of the music before you can get down into the weeds of a music theory element.

That was why the development of the Music Learning Workshop and the music series of “Getting It Down Cold” work sets to accelerate and master music theory was created.

Self Taught or Poorly Taught Issues

Back to our members. It appears that many are trying to self teach. Some didn't get the full music education they were suppose to the first time around. Others are looking for supplemental materials to augment their studies.

You can teach yourself a lot with the right materials, however, I will caution you that there is nothing better than a good mentor when it comes to learning a specific instrument. We will help you get the theory down, but you will need to seek out a mentor for the specific techniques for your instrument of choice.

The Recommend Resource section will help guide you to other aids in learning music. Over time we hope to build have a diverse resource base for what you will be looking for when it comes to more specific needs and techniques of playing your instrument.

With video and audio capabilities this will become easier as really good teachers put there materials out for use.

Being Part Of This Community

If you aren't a part of the community please join up now and learn about the methods we use to accelerate learning and your music experience.

By joining you can work through an exercise that shows you how quickly you can learn a musical element such as the notes on piano and sample a typical work set for rhythm that will have you going down the right path to simply increasing your musical abilities at a much faster pace than typical students do with many to today's teaching styles.

For those of you that are part of this community, thanks for being with us and stay tuned for new developments. The coming years are going to be fun.

Its your turn to speak out.

Tell us why you came to this site or joined our community of music learners.

Stay “In Tune”

michael spearman March 5, 2009 at 9:05 am

The reason why I want to learn music is because “I LOVE MUSIC.” It touches
the very essence of ones feelings such as being happy, sad, upset, ect. Music
always seems to find a person were they are in life at the present time. It can also
find the words to say when you cannot find anything to say at all. Just to see
peoples reaction to ones music is incredible whether they like it or not. Music
comes from the heart and soul and there is no better inspiration than than

Brad_C March 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm

Do I ever agree Michael. Heart and soul is where it comes from. For me, it took a long time to get to that point where I felt I could control what I wanted to come out. The more I study and get deep into the theory the more I can put myself into the music.

Michael, I like your writing and feeling, if your interested in being a guest author, email me back from one of the ezine letters or send a form on the ask and comment link. I’d like to start with a guest or two with some varying opinions.

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