Framing Your Music Goals in Positive Terms


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So far we’ve covered the challenges, realistic achievement, being specific, and time limits for your music goals. Now it’s time to talk about the way we say them.

I remember many years ago listening to well known personal motivational speaker/author, Tony Robbins, and the statement of “People will do more to avoid pain than they will to pursue pleasure.”

This stuck with me for many years, and always made me think about what my motivations were. To further pursue this notion, a change of mind set has to take place to live a better life. That was in making sure your moving in a positive direction and not veering off course to avoid agonizing situations.

Framing your Music Goals

This concept leads right into how goals are framed and stated. Do you frame it as “I have to practice so that I won’t be embarrassed when I perform”, or do you frame it as “I’m going to practice so that I give my best performance ever” to set a better expectation?

My conclusion is that your music goals need to positive in statement and in terms. The positive reinforcement will not come from trying to stay away from certain thoughts, feelings, actions, or circumstances. Our natural ability is actually much better at pursuing what we really want than shunning what we don't want.

As in the example above, thinking that I’ll do my best or perform better than I have before gives you a feeling of moving forward and upward. This is much better than I have to practice so I won’t do a bad performance, which is a self defeating and destruction statement.

Making your Music Goals Positive

Look at your goals and if you have any statements that are negative or give you a bad feeling rewrite them into a positive statement.

Read them out loud and see how they affect your feelings and attitude toward accomplishing the same goal.

This act alone can completely turn your outlook and accomplishments around. Get to it.

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