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Do most Singers just listen to sing? I don't know, I'm not the singing type and rarely try to sing.

I was never taught how to use my voice. Sure there were the early years when you didn't know any better and you just joined in. For many of us, more than I care to mention, we were just never exposed enough to the concept of singing to get any good at it.

Why would I talk about singing today? Well, it's a subject that has come up lately on how do we relate music theory concepts with singing.

Watching the American Idol show a comment was made by Paula and Simon about a performance that was “karaoke like” or mimics more than an owned performance. This really brought up this issue as to why knowing music fundamentals is important if your going to really learn to sign.

I'm not saying you have to know all the technical music elements, because some people really do have natural talent. However, I always wonder if they applied music theory to their craft just how much better they could become.

Thoughts on Music Theory and Singing

One of the first things that comes to mind is that if you want to learn or compose a song for a singer you better be able to read music. You need to know note values, note symbols, timing, rhythm, tempo and a host of other music elements to be effective at it.

Even in the typical start to singing notes with ‘do ray me, etc' the singing lesson it is a major scale you are singing. I think it would be nice to know the difference between a major and minor scale when you try to sing them and the notes for songs written with these scales.

Singing Course Worth Giving Consideration

Studying the theory lessons will help you in your singing efforts. However, I've discovered a resource that is well worth considering checking out. It's a course called Singorama – How to Sing Like a Pro.

This course starts right off the bat with a big picture of history and science of singing. It follows our philosophy of  learning music with getting a good picture in your mind of what vocal singing is all about.

This is a great resource for studying and learning that can help you in your self teaching or supplement your existing learning of songs and signing. It covers a create many technical factors in a fun and enjoyable way. They have written materials and 28 audio programs, and additional software to make all this come together.

Singers Beginners to Advanced

What's great is this is designed for the beginner to the advanced singer. Here's a sample of the things you can learn:

  • The science behind singing,
  • voice range,
  • mastering pitch,
  • techniques for quality tone and type,
  • breathing
  • Steps necessary to learn a song. (This is about knowing music theory folks)
  • Finding root or ‘do' (theory required here) for a specific key signature.
  • Minor keys
  • And a bunch of other cool things about singing you have got to know.

The Mini Recording Studio software is part of this package so you can record and playback right on your computer.

All in all this is a well thought out and implemented course on singing. We recommend that you consider this singing course if you want to learn or improve your singing abilities.

Learn more here: Singorama: How to Sing Like a Professional


That's not all Singorama offers, they have recently introduced the Ultimate Guide to Songwriting Success.

Now I haven't actually gotten into this guide because I'm focused on instrumentals, but I think this is fascinating and well worth considering. Composing music and singing are so closely tied that I get very excited about finding something that can put all this stuff into prospective.

They have several bonus software items that are included with this guide as well.

Learn more….

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