Christmas Song Arrangment


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I recorded the full arrangement of the Christmas song for this Christmas Eve post. However the blog had a problem and didn't post as scheduled. So hopefully better late than never.

The recording was not under the best of conditions and I didn't realize just how hard I the arrangement came out to just sit down and try and play it all the way through. With software hiccups and double conversions it is a mediocre recording. You can still listen and get an idea of the depth of arrangement I was trying to achieve.

Remember the point was to push the envelop of arranging song past just a simple chord structure. I certainly did that.

I'm sure that some of you will like the depth I took it. Still others will think it's to muddy with all those notes in there.

I meant to go slow enough that you could hear the richness of the cords, so the rhythm is off in a few places and there are stumbles on the notes. But at least I finally got it done. Wish I had a couple of more weeks to work with it before recording, anyway enjoy.

Christmas Song Arrangement

Although the sound level all looked good, it seems a low volume when I finally got it posted. You may need to use your headphones to hear it adequately.

Merry Christmas

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