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This week we are summarizing the Christmas Song arrangement with a video and 4 page viewable file of the graphics that we covered over the last couple of months.

This Series Accomplishments

I have taken 4 measures of the Christmas Song from a melody line to a full arrangement to help show you the power of knowing music theory.

If you followed the series you know I made a couple of mistakes along the way, and that is natural in any endeavor. I also auditioned several chord variations along the way to experiment with the sound.

I went through a series of steps to accomplish this goal in hopes of helping you see that an overwhelming task can be broken down into some methodical steps.  And then using knowledge and your own interpretation you can create your own arrangements.

There is obviously a lot more we could of covered in scale application and choices but that would have been pushing the initial intent to far. I hope you have enjoyed the series let me know what your thoughts are on what we covered.

Christmas Song Arrangement Summary

At this link you can download a pdf of the graphics and the steps we went through. Christmas Song arrangement steps. Use it to follow along with the videos.

A couple of things with the videos. I had some issues trying to get these put together and the quality is not up to where I had hoped. This is just a quick summary of the all the steps and you should go back and read the appropriate post for more detail. Emphasis was on sound and not rhythm so don't hold me to that just yet.

Part 1: Christmas Song arrangement steps

From Melody line adding bass notes, lines and chords.

Part 2: Chirstmas Song arrangement steps

Finalizing the bass chords and expanding voice lines under the melody. Challenges your ear as the fullness of sound is expanded.

Part 3: Preview of the first 8 measures of the Christmas Song.

Forgive the rhythm flubs, I was really focused on trying to make sure the chords would come out clean.

Stay Tuned!

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