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It's been a while in the works, but I've developed the music theory course into a new 12 month, 24 lesson, fixed term subscription course. So today's post is a blatant sales pitch, but one you might be interested in.

Music Theory Course

The Course So Far

I've repriced the full course and the introductory phase is over. So far the feedback has been great and I haven't received any negative feedback at all.

I've only had a couple of folks take advantage of the guarantee and ask for a refund. They did so within a couple of days of purchase and that was because they didn't think it applied to what they were trying to learn at the time.

This is actually a pretty good testament considering they were looking to learn music, but this was not specific to what they were looking to learn.

It seems they were looking for more specific instrument instruction. Hey that happens, when their ready to get into music principles on a deeper level, they're welcome back.

Many people have indicated that they just can't come up with the full price of the course on an up-front basis. So…

Fixed Term Music Course

I've taken the entire course broke it down into 24 lessons and offering it for a low monthly fee for 12 months. I'm also in the process of adding video follow up segments to enhance the your understanding and learning of the principles.

The huge value here is that you will receive two lessons a month and it is half what you'd pay for just one of your weekly lessons. Imagine if you could learn the theory at home and have your teacher focus on just technique how much faster you'd be able to play your instrument well.

If you thought that you couldn't afford to get this type of information and workshop, I've got the perfect program for you.

If you give up just 3 of those super coffee drinks a month at the local coffee shop you can take this course. That's less than one mocha whats-you-ma-call-it latte a week.

Check it out here: Monthly Music Course

Where are you going to be in a year in your music learning? Where do you want to be? Now's the time to ask those questions and act appropriately.

Stay Tuned!

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