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The Music Learning Workshop Home

Hi, my name is Brad Chidester, and I created this site and blog as a place to help others learn music theory in a workshop type of methodology. This is the new blog home page to introduce you to the workshop.

The music theory taught here is biased to the piano but is really for all instruments. The site has many prinicples of music in short lesson that can be seen in our theory section.

It is not my intent to teach specific instrument technique but to guide you through the theory and provide recommendations to other specific courses and method materials.

I also talk a lot about the philosophy of learning music through teaching and learning processes and methods.

I am the primarily provider of the content and commentary within the site and hope that you find it of value. As the community grows I hope to add other associates that will contribute to our pursuit of learning music.

If you have something to contribute and would like to Guest Writer (click here) or please contact me.

0005-notes02Please take the time to participate in the Music Learning Workshop Blog. I welcome your commentary and views and instruction that you only you can uniquely provide. I moderate comments to ensure that we get good commentary and non abusive dialog.

The full site has lots of information and we've expanded our recommended resources section with new pages on piano, guitar, bass, and software.

I do welcome differing points of view and insight, so I encourage you to challenge my thoughts and we'll go forward from there. Check out some of the categories and posts in the sidebar an let me know what you think.

Music Theory Course

For detailed study of music theory I offer digital download workshops and courses.

Our newest offering is the 12 month, fixed term, music theory course.

You can read more here: Monthly Music Course.

The workshops and course materials are at: Getting It Down Cold Workshops/Courses.

Enjoy and Stay tuned!

Featured Music Resources

Learn Guitar Online with Videos: JamPlay Guitar

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