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I’m struggling!

It’s supposed to be the lazy days of summer. It is a time to be able to relax; and get into fun time of play and enjoying life. So why am I fraught with anxiety?

The Trouble

The news, the economy, the family, the job, and the effort to keep up on work required to keep our community going are playing a role in this toil of life. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

When it comes to managing your time there are the “must do”, the probably need “to do”, and the “it don’t need to be done now”. Procrastination on this last item creates a slow down and aggravation in life.

So as I look at my to-do list, I realize that I’m not getting done all that I want. I must pay bills, monitor cash flow, and take care of the everyday demands of family. Ain’t no getting around that part.  But then the choices come up.

What Should I Be Doing

Do I work on the web site, consider producing some videos, study some web things to improve web presence, consider writing on music theory or learning, or go play the piano for a while? All of these should get attention and when will I find time to just relax.

That happens when you overload your brain with choices and you opt out of the routine to get some down time.

When it comes to music the choices go even deeper. I find that by the time I get around to the music rehearsing and studying it’s the end of the day and everyone is winding down for night. That doesn’t lend itself to a conducive study environment. On the other hand it’s a great place to unwind and get creative.

For the family this may not be such a great experience. Using the digital keyboard and headphones works for them, but I’m an acoustic person and love the big sound of my grand piano. (Neighbors haven’t complained yet, soft new age stuff late at night seems to be OK)

What’s the Point

Let’s get to the point. It’s easy to get lazy at times and it takes discipline to accomplish your wants and needs. So when I prioritize my list things like music study have a tendency to slip down to lower priority. However, since this is one of my higher “wants” I think that I need to make it a higher priority.

Here’s what I proposing as a way to keep it in the forefront of your things “to-do” Simply decide that you will spend 10 minutes on music 2 or 3 times each day.

How do you make that work?

Man-with-todo-listWell consider the options:

  1. decide that with your morning coffee, tea, or cereal you will study for that one cup or bowl a part of your music. I don’t care if it is a scale, a chord, or 1 measure of song. Just decide to double task, put down the paper or turn off the news and give it ten minutes.
  2. decide to take a sheet of music or theory sheet to work and during your break or lunch spend another 10 minutes working on some element of music. Why not a new rhythm you are considering?
  3. decide that when you get home or have accomplished some other big task then play whatever you where studying on your instrument.

Here’s what will happen.

If you did that just 4 days a week for 50 weeks a year you would have accomplished 200 music items as a minimum. If you did 3 different things in those 4 of 7 days a week you would accomplish 600 new music actions.

Of course anytime you can put in more time it is well worth the effort. I’m only talking about making sure you get some time in now! Give it a try you just might amaze yourself.

Stay tuned!

Stephenie July 25, 2009 at 10:10 am

What great advice! I thought this summer would be filled with leisure and accomplishment of those never disappearing large projects. I have had a hard time fitting studying, reading, and music into my weak let alone my day. I like this idea of fitting it in when you can. I just need to put ten minute cat naps lower on the list so I can enjoy music throughout the day.

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