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I was considering the act of learning to play guitar and how our site integrates with that effort.

My Focus on Music Theory

As you have probably figured out by now this site is more about the pure music theory aspect of learning to play music and doesn't go into much on actually technique.

I found that this left a fairly large void for many of the beginning students of music. I had focused on the greater depth of knowledge of music theory because it applies to all instruments, but it is still important to learn to play your instrument to get some quicker gratification.

So I'll continue to promote the advantages of learning music theory quickly, but I'll be adding addition information and more importantly recommendations for courses and other materials that will benefit the home study crowd as it applies to their instrument.

Play Guitar Style and Technique

play-guitar-1I have recently spent some time looking at various guitar courses and have found that there is a lot of valuable information out there. Most of the free stuff is a tidbit here and a tidbit there, and although it's useful it isn't enough to truly get you down the road as far as learning the guitar effectively.

However, there is one that is very popular as far as being high on value and low on cost. Actually I'm going to say it's an incredibly bargin at is it stands right now.


I've taken some time to put up a regular page in our recommendations section and you can find out more about the basic course and the five other offerings they have at the play guitar page I've put together.

One of the best products is called Jam Play. You should check them out they are getting great reviews on the video method.

So for you guitar enthusiasts it will be well worth checking out.

I'm looking at a few other products and hope to be able to recommend them with appropriate use in the near future. So stay tuned for new updates.

Featured Music Resources

Learn Guitar Online with Videos: JamPlay Guitar

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