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Today I am excited to share and recommend you to a new post by my friend and mentor Bob Gillis.

Bob has recently just spent some significant time composing and recording for a new film due out in late 2014. He has taken the time to share his experience with various aspects of how this came to be and how the process went.

Bob covers the process of life obligations, network of friends, music choices, re-harmonization, composition, modification, collaboration, technical methods for recording and more. 

I for one was intrigued by the matching of the music to support to the improvisation of the actress. Also in some of the technical aspects of the recording process and how detailed it can be.

Not to mention the lesson in chord structures, but I will. C-Maj7#5  and a Gsus11,  how we love playing around with those ideas. It's been a while, thanks for the lesson. Also read what he has to say about dyads, (2 note pitches played together), this yet that, and that yet this. What a reminder! You'll have to read it to know what he says.

Take some time and enjoy Bob's revelations. It will for sure expand your music awareness and maybe your desire to learn more.

Thanks Bob for sharing your voyage into big entertainment and providing an inspiring read.  

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Composing and Recording Music for Film

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