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You need to take the time to understand principals of music in order to apply them to your objects of learning more songs. Taking your songs and learning them note by note is the sure way to a long drawn out process with negative return on invested time.

Learning the principals and applying them to your learning process is a much better way to get ahead of the curve.

Many of the music principals and learning methods are based on patterns and mathematics.

Finding and Recognizing Patterns – Chords

One way of increasing your skill as a musician is in pattern recognition. Chords are my favorite place to concentrate.

The basic triad or 3 note chord has 3 basic patterns. The root position is either all lines are all spaces and the notes always appear next to each other.

The Two Inversions Have Different Patterns

A first inversion of a musical chord will be either the two lines and a space above or two spaces and a line above.

The second inversion of a chord will be a single line with two spaces above or a single space with two lines above.

chord-inversion-f-mjrTheses examples of C Major are show what I just described.  Study the patterns then go to your music and pick them out. You may want to see all the root positions that are shown, then 1st inversions, and finally 2nd inversions.

This quick and simple practice of finding patterns will tune you into more quickly reading your music.

Part of the basis of learning a song is about studying the structure. Patterns help you study that structure. Make this a part of your normal routine when it comes to learning your new songs.

What other patterns have you seen that help you get faster and better at learning your songs?

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