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This post is about the question of what are the major issues you have when it comes to learning music.

Previously I've asked about this and without success in getting many people to share their feelings on this. If you would like to go over to the issues post linked here and elaborate.

Post: Biggest issues with learning music

Learning Fast Isn't About Using Both Hands As Fast As Possible

music-messExpanding on the notion of learning fast, one of the problems we should discuss is that of the piano or keyboard student and using both hands too soon.

What seems to happen is that when working with more complicated or complex songs many of the students rush to be able to play the music.

If you have taken the time to read through the Learn a Song report you will discover that I'm a big advocate of taking your time to work through the pieces and parts. In a recent survey of students the predominate theme was that of trying to put both hands together to soon.

Student Studies

What was happening was that they would rush through blocking and chord analysis and then just try to play before they had time to absorb and process the information. Taking the time to absorb what you are learning a bit at a time requires effort, but the pay off is enormous.

In the end the student ended up taking more time to learn the song or phrases because they hadn't taken the time to process each hand and what process or progression that each would do individually before combining.

When the students slowed down and took the time to study the music and the hand motions and chord and note movements the time that it took to actually learn the song was faster. The additional benefit was that it was clearer and more beautiful as well.

Your Challenge

Take some time to study your music individually look at each hand or fingering and determine the movements before trying to rush in and play. I think you  will find that this will help you speed up your process rather than slow it down.

Let us know how it has worked for you.

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