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There are certain personality traits that you must have if you are going to make it as a top instrumentalist. The chance of making it big are slim nowadays, simply due to the market saturation and lack of desire for a pure instrumentalist.

Obviously if you are in a band then you stand a decent chance but even then you must rely on others, which is not to say you can’t become high class in your own right.Instrumentalists

Playing an instrument well is a brilliant thing to witness and there are so many high quality musicians out there in the modern world.

That is in part due to a rise in the internet, learning online has never been so simple and there are so many different outlets now to find all the information you need to become really quite good.

Do a lot of background research before taking the plunge and becoming a musician, obviously you should start out basic and then try to work yourself up.

It is something that can be extremely rewarding and if you have a passion or desire (both preferably) to succeed then I guarantee you will, it really is a case of practice makes perfect.

Drive and Determination

You have got to be driven and determined to learn any instrument, it isn’t something that you just learn on the spot, and you have to invest a lot of time and money into it. There are simple methods that can help you learn and those include setting aside certain time each week for practice.

That is presuming you are going to teach yourself, obviously if you have one to one lessons then that time is already pre-determined. I believe the best way to learn nowadays is online, there are many companies such as Pro Music Tutor that can provide you with a wide array of online tutorials that are designed to provide an interactive user experience.

Just have a target in your head and aim towards it, if you have a particular instrument you love then learn it.

These are some very simple points but they are all so essential and make the whole learning process that little bit simpler.


Ensure you invest in an instrument and make sure it suits you and you are comfortable with it. We live in an internet era and that is the best place to start looking for an instrument.

If you aren’t comfortable with a brand new device then you can go for the used kind. You cannot just magic money out of thin air, if you don’t have the cash for lessons or an instrument then don’t go bother starting, it is quite simple logic.


Passion is important, you have got to have an interest and a love for the instrument you are going to start playing. I guarantee, once you start learning and the instrument start sounding like it should you will be hooked and learning will be the highlight of your week, every week.

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