Must Have Concert Apps For All You Concert Lovers

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As a big music fan, I hugely adore the feeling of going to a live concert. There’s definitely nothing quite like it! The noise filled lighted arena, the stars and other hardcore fans sharing the moments with you. Now if only it would be easier to get tickets in every concert then the experience would be perfect. But it’s not! It’s always a hassle to get into events and it always suck to missed too many a good show in my life because it sold out early.

Luckily, the proliferation of mobile apps changed it all for me. Nowadays there are many concert apps that can ensure that one will never miss a great show again. It alerts people as soon as the tickets are up and help them learn other information about the show. To help you get into the hottest concerts and events in town, we compiled a list of free concert apps that you must download and use now! Read on.

  1. Bandintown App – is one of the best concert apps available today. It loads your tracked artists into one place and list who amongst them have upcoming concerts around your location. Furthermore it also recommends some artists you may want to see based on the similarity of your favorite artists. Not sure how they measure and come up with the list but it is the best “show recommender” ever. The concert listings are very comprehensive it even includes shows at small venues, charity shows as well as festivals. It also shows venue direction and the ticketing information even consist of a partial list of attendees for a show.


  2. Gigbeat App – its sleek interface which includes four simple icons: artists, features, location and my gigs makes browsing concerts in your city so easy. It also makes way to keep tabs on concerts that are near your cities. GigBeat also offers the option to add an audio alert to any just announced concerts. And it also offers ticketing links via Songkick the moment tickets are open for buying.


  3. Songkick App – is the grand daddy of them all. Not only you can track concerts near your areas, it also gives you the opportunity to connect and track your entire favorite artist in one place. It connects to your Spotify and iTunes user as well as your Facebook and Pandora and can track all your favorite artists from there. You can also create a detailed calendar of everything you plan to see and export that to Google Calendar and even better? It also puts it in your Facebook events. And lastly it gives you the best places to buy the tickets.


  4. Setlistfm App – is a recap app of what happened in a concert. This app is particularly very useful to answer one of the most common post concert question “what was that new song they debuted again?” It provides a user-generated set list of what the bands sing. The set list even offers tiny notes on it as well, like if the bands have a guest star to collaborate with them on the stage. You can search by artist, venue, festival, or the most popular setlists.


  5. Live Music Thrillcall Events App – this app is good if you are looking for last minute shows and deals in case you are in the mood for music and it is your free night. It also offers exclusive tickets to sold-out shows, which is really awesome! It even offers a backstage access – but only if you’re in San Francisco, New York City, or Los Angeles. It also has all the functions of any other basic concert app. So get it now.

 So there you have it, must have concert apps that every concert goers should download today. Did we leave out your favorite app for finding out about live shows? Or did we just list the top 5 concert apps around? Whichever it is, these apps will help you enjoy your favorite concerts better. See you there!

Bio: Marie Felipe is an online writer for more than six years now and one of her favorite topic to write about is entertainment. She loves music especially alternative rock bands. She is always on the lookout for upcoming concert and is always first in line to purchase concert tickets.