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When it comes to music, a quality pair of headphones is one of the first things an aspiring artist should invest on. Forget about those cheap made headphones; instead invest on the best one.

Earbuds and cheap, flimsy headphones may work fine for personal use while jogging or cleaning the house, but when going into the studio to record it’s time to act professional and go for a major upgrade.

Unlike Earbuds, headphones are placed on the outside of your ears.

There are two types of headphones name Ear Pad Headphones and the Full Size Headphones

Ear pad headphones are usually small pads that go over your ears, but don't cover the entire ear. With this headphone, you can hear outside noise and the outside can also hear a little of your music.

While the Full size headphones come with ear cups that surround your ears completely. They are designed to be quite huge. Because of their size, there are ideal for home use rather than using them outside. Full size headphones provide great bass response, sound clarity, and isolation from outside noise. They also usually come with a large amount of padding, which makes them comfortable on most heads.

There is a vast selection of headphones that you can find on the market today. You can choose from different types and styles depending on what best suit your ears and preferences. Heck, you can also find most of your favorite artists even have their own brands of headphones.

Probably the first and the best artist brand headphones is Beats by Dre. You see, in a typical earbuds, speaker players or headphones a lot of stuff seems to be all mids/treble with no bass. But with things like Beats by Dre you can hear every instrument mix you record in your song. Before the invention of this software, you would be required to be armed with all sorts of equipment in order to hear and produce even the simplest beat. Today, it only requires very few equipment to make beats. You can even produce complex beats that are adorable with only your laptop and your headphones.

So how you can pick out the perfect set of headphones for you? Here’s how.

  1. Noise Cancellation – Headphones that reduce unwanted ambient sounds. Though this kind of headphones is really expensive you can guarantee that you get maximum effects. When you try them on, they should make the room go silent. When recording vocals and live instruments, you don’t want the sound leaking out of the cans to interfere with what’s being recorded by the mics, so these types of over-the-ear headphones are a must.
  2. Comfort is key – Remember, you will be wearing these headphones for extended periods of time while recording and listening to playbacks, so make sure they feel good first. Wear them for as long as possible in the store before buying. Make sure all the adjustments work properly, fit the headset to your head, then lean forward and backward to see if they fall off or come loose.
  3. Other Added Features – when looking for headphones, there are added features that you can also get. Like some headphones are already wireless, allowing you to move around. Some also have microphones on them which are perfect for the every busy aspiring artists who gets phone important calls even when they are recording.
  4. It’s all about the brand – Choose trusted brands only if you are new to all of this. Sony and Sennheiser are two of the most popular makers of headphones. AKG and Audio Technica also make good quality headphones, with the quality ranging from decent to near-perfect.

Some people might say that choosing the right headphones is just so simple and headphones are all the same. But it’s not. The importance of getting the right one can make or break an aspiring artist’s career. A good pair of professional grade headphones or cans will allow you to hear all the things you’re supposed to hear and keep out the sounds you shouldn’t.

If you want your tunes to make the best impression on listeners, you need to be able to hear all the details of each instrument and vocal track and also make sure there isn’t even the tiniest bit of unwanted background noise in the recording. So plan ahead and decide which type of headphone you are going to buy and what features you would like to have and good luck to your career!

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