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Attention songwriters and those wanting to get started in songwriting!

My friend, Anthony Ceseri, has just launched a new membership site for songwriters.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of his years of experience in studying songwriting. He will be pulling out the VERY BEST information he has to offer for those that join his group.

When you join you get

  1. exclusive articles available only to the inner circle.
  2. Access to his relationships with people who are arguably the BEST at putting together amazing songs, performing them, and building their following of fans. 
  3. Secrets and ideas of songwriting brought directly to you.
  4. Individual interviews where top songwriters share what and HOW they’ve done it.

Anthony has indicated that his interviews with dig deep to the heart of songwriting. His mantra is “I want to know everything”. The why, what and how will be explored to give you knowledge and tips for you to use and make your own accomplishments.

The really great part about this membership is the members area where you'll be able ask questions, help others, and collaborate on ideas and methods. You'll find out what others are dealing with and how they are finding solutions to their songwriting efforts.

Join Here

As of this posting the songwriting success circle is offering a $1 trial membership just to check it out and give him a chance to show you what he will be providing. Also if you join now there are 5 excellent songwriter ebooks you can download immediately which cover

  1. know-how methods for writing songs start to finish
  2. marketing for songwriters
  3. 2 volumes on writing better songs
  4. copyrighting your music.

If you're into songwriting this is well worth checking out.

Get the rest of the details here:

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