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Music has been something that has inspired people for more than 2000 years. There are deep levels of science involved in the mechanics of why this is true, and there are even some levels of spiritual emphasis. There is no doubt that everyone has at least once felt the magic that is possible when just the right music is played at just the right time.


There are two distinct hemispheres to the human brain and each one operates under a different set of criteria. One side handles creative skills and the other side handles logical skills. When a new set of input comes into contact with a human, the proper side of the brain responds. There are times when both sides of the brain will react to the same set of input and sometimes it is just one side of the brain.

Many people have found that they can complete work better when there is music playing in the room. There is a reason for this. No matter how logical the work may be, the creative part of the brain can respond to the music and change the way that work is completed. This may be because without applying the creative side of the brain, the logical side is receiving too much direct focus.

When the other side of the brain starts to respond, the logical side can adapt more freely and logic starts to flow on a more free flow basis. Sometimes when a person is trying too hard and not allowing the brain to work freely, they run into a wall and have to fight manually through the work. When both sides of the brain are operating, each can work more freely.

Is this true?

Doctors and scientists have been able to test this theory under specific circumstances and found this to be true very often. There appears to be very few people that do not react well to the presence of music in the workplace, in the home or anywhere that a little more creative response is needed. There is no doubt that the effects of music on a person that is working to be very positive.

So will the same hold true for creative work? Yes, it appears that as long as the music is agreeable to the person working that music will improve almost any situation. While the choice of music may be difficult to determine in some situations, there is a marked improvement for most people.

Putting it to Work

If a person is trying to increase their creativity, they will want to use the right type of music and at the right levels. The music should not be so loud that it distracts from the task that needs to be done. The type of music is basically a matter of choice and preference. It has been found that classical music can be very conducive to creative work, but if a person has a deep dislike of that type of music that may get in the way of it working its magic.

The levels can be played with a little bit until the sweet spot has been found. There is a place where the music is just right and the mind flows freely. This is a great way for writers to spark that creative part of their brain and the pages will start to flow. If you find yourself slightly singing along to the music, but still working at a good rate, then that may be the right level for you.

The music should be fairly familiar. A person’s music library may be better than a radio station that the person has never heard before. New music can be detracting. If someone finds themselves stopping frequently and listening too intently, then perhaps a more familiar or even a less familiar type of music may be chosen.


It is easy to use music to increase productivity and creativity. Simply adding a background track to life will spark parts of the brain that have been having trouble getting in gear. It may take a few tries to find the right music in the right venue, but everyone should give it a try and the results will likely be beyond the expectations of everyone.

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