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I was considering the needs of students issues in learning music the other day.

So at while I was at the studio for my daughters lessons (no I don't teach my daughter directly, there are too many issues with the daughter-father relationship to be effective) but I digress.

I asked the students and teachers what are the biggest and most frustrating problems do you have in learning music.

The students

puzzle-piecesFor the students the answers where interesting because they mostly focused on exactly what they were studying right now.  The ranged from rhythm issues to notes and intervals, speed of playing, and recognizing chords.

The teachers

For the teachers it was getting the students to slow down and don't put to many of the elements together to soon. That is at the piano don't put your hands together before you have studied the music. Don't try to play the chords until you know where they are leading.

Learning a song

In the report, Learn a Song – Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song, (currently free for members, link at bottom of ezine or when you join) I discuss this very issue of taking the time to prepare your music and study the elements before attempting to play.

This is one of the big issues that many students face in there continued journey of learning music.

Big Question of the Day

Please take the time to share with the rest what you are experiencing. I think you might be surprised by how common some of your issues are with what others are experiencing.

What are your 3 biggest frustrations, problems, or issues that you are having?

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