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I happen to get a few question on why I don't offer the music course in hard cover format.

I”m sorry to say at this time I don't offer the music theory course in a pre-printed form due to the high cost of printing.

I'm looking into options for that, but the only way to make the cost competitive is to print hundreds of copies. Even then the only real way to bring down the printing costs is to go to black and white. And the color used in the course is what makes it more user friendly.

The real issue is due to the fact that there are well over eight hundred pages of instruction and a high graphic content to ensure the music theory course is easy to follow and use. The format was chosen to support a better presentation and ease of use than regular publishing prefers to use.

Standard publishing companies want to condense the materials down, which defeats the purpose of the layout and course format. Print on demand is nice but it would essentially double the cost of the course, therefore until I can come up with a viable and cost effective way to print it will only be offered in digital format.

The funny thing is that when I do a comparison of materials provided and the typical materials you pay for at the music store even the printed version would be more economical than what you end up paying over time for the other materials.

I've design the music theory course to be easily read on the screen and then only certain parts need to be printed to due assignments.

Basically the intent is for you to manually build your own personal theory book. This works best for our approach to learning music. I personally think it's the best approach I've encountered. Of course you know that I'm a little bias in that regard.

I'll keep looking and if I find a viable option I'll let you all know.

Stay Tuned!

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