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For all of you new music students that want to learn music fast. Learning to read music is a like learning a new language, well actually it is a new language. The traditional approach is to take music lessons from a teacher and learn the music as you go. But there are supplemental home study programs that you can use to speed up the process of learning.

The teacher will take a dual approach to helping you learn your instrument. They have to focus on two things. The first is technique which is how to play your instrument, the second is how to read music.

Musical Instrument Playing Technique

Technique is very important and you can find several resources such as video on exactly how to play your instrument to produce great sound. I would suggest however, that you do find a mentor that can teach you specific methods of playing technique as there isn't anything like having a real person help you correct your approach.

Be sure to interview your potential instructor on how they approach technique and the types of things they will be teaching you. If you interview several you'll get a feel as to the scope and depth of what they will be able to teach you.  You may even want to go through a second round as you learn more about what things you should be learning.

Reading Music and Music Theory

The second part that many teachers add as they go is often not focused on enough and that is the reading of music through studying proper music theory.

Most of the time the theory is brought in a little at a time as the teacher wants to help you focus on the technique as you learn a scale or a few chords or even just to read a few notes.

In my opinion the one thing that holds back music students is the slow pace at which music theory is taught.

Learn a Song Quickly

In my report titled: “Learn a Song Quickly” I describe my journey in learning music and how I initially didn't get the music theory in a comprehensive approach and struggled for some time to learn songs. It wasn't until I started from scratch again and had the music theory intensely presented in a way that pulled it all together that I took off and was able to learn music at an incredible pace.  

Learning the Principals of Music at Home

Here at the Music Learning Workshop we've developed a home study course which uses the workshop methodology that will let you learn what usually takes 4 years in traditional lessons in under a year with an average of about 15 minutes a day.It's a 24 lesson plan which can be completed in as little as a few months, but was initially intended to have you complete a lessons every two weeks. It's self paced so you can go as quickly as you wish or as time permits.

It's a comprehensive system in which our students have used to impress their own teachers with their ability to read and understand music. See some of the feedback we've received from the users: Music Course Comments

The course can be purchased as either a monthly subscription which will deliver the lessons every two weeks or as a full download where you can sign up for an email followup to lead you through the course on the same schedule.

We've also broken the course into specific workshops for concentrated learning on Notes, Rhythm, Scales & Keys, as well as Chords. And to provide very specific music theory lessons we've made available individual parts of the workshops so you can pick and choose the lessons you need.

Music Theory Course

Imagine that in less than a year of home study you can read and analyze music like a pro.

To learn more about the music lessons go here:

Music Theory Course

Music Workshops

Targeted Music Lessons

Other Suggestions for Music Students:

Improvisation is a goal every musician should have. David Reed's ebook and jam tracks for music improvisation is designed for both the beginner and the experienced musician alike.

OK, that's it for the those needing to get started and some additional options for everyone.

Good luck and best wishes for the new year.

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