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New Music Theory Course Announcement

I've just completed the new Getting It Down Cold Workshops and Music Theory Course for beginner music student to intermediate players.

ecover-music-theory-course-175This is a comprehensive course and covers music theory form

  • Absolutely know nothing – like the notes on the piano location and name
  • The master staff
  • intervals
  • rhythm
  • key signatures major and minor
  • scales major and minor
  • 4 types of triad chords in all keys
  • as well as beginning chord progressions.

This new course comes with a lesson plan that takes you step by step through 24 lessons.

Each lesson is designed to build on the previous and works through 4 seperate workshops. Each lesson is meant to be completed in about a one to two week time frame. That means you can complete the about 3 to 5 years of lessons in under a year.

I'm not going to kid you –¬† this is not one of those “you can learn piano or guitar overnight” kind of courses. This is going to take some work. The thing is, it is easy and straight forward if you just keep after it.

You will know more about music theory than 75% of two and three year students when you complete the 24 lessons.

ecover-learn-song205I've also got some bonus items,

4 to be exact.

  • The first is “Learn a Song – Crucial Steps to Quickly mastering a song.
    • This is a 36 page report on how I personally learn songs using my knowledge of music theory. It's a must read if you want to get better and faster at this skill.
  • 2nd up is a workbook on scale fingerings on the piano and key board.
    • I hadn't realized just how much difficulty people were having with getting the fingerings. It covers contrarian motion as well, the ability to play scales in opposite directions at the same time with each hand.
  • 3rd I've included my report on the secrets of sevenths.
    • Covering construction of the various seventh chords, tritone resolution, harmonic systems of sevenths, characteristics, and typical progressions.
  • 4th is a reprint of the 1914 edition of notation and terminology by Karl W. Gehrkens.
    • This is a comprehensive volume of terms used in music and you can search it digitally to find what your looking for. with over a hundred pages that's a must have when you need to know about some music term you just found in a new song book.

For more details  go to Music Theory Course and see just how much is really covered.

This isn't a reference manual like you get at the bookstores. It's a fully integrated hands on training course where you have to do the work to learn. Just like you were in the studio or classroom.

Monthly Option

The full course is value priced at what you would pay for 6 half hour lessons. It's worth far more than that. The best way to take this course is using the monthly option which is the price of a half a lesson a month or about 3 or 4 mocha latte drinks. The course lasts 12 months and you receive two lessons every month with a followup email reinforcing the materials and providing additional guidance.

Check it out at Monthly Music Course

Stay Tuned!

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