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Every guitarist knows that no matter how talented he or she is, there isn’t much they can do if they don’t have a high-quality axe. There have been a number of different guitars used by the greatest guitarists in the world. Here we highlight 3 of the most iconic guitars in rock and roll history that have been used to create magic by the biggest names in rock.

Gibson Flying V

Nobody can deny that the Gibson Flying V is definitely one of the most beautiful guitars ever made. Contrary to popular belief, the Flying V was not designed to be an allegory for the space-crazy futuristic mentality of an era when cars had fins. Gibson was looking for a futuristic design, but the final look of the Flying V was created out of a necessity to reduce weight; the original mahogany prototype was rounded, but was modified to make it lighter. Practical the new shape was not, but it definitely stood out from the range of similar looking guitars at that time. Demand for this very futuristic looking guitar was low and original production lasted only for 2 years, ceasing in 1959. However, many popular artists started using the Flying V in the early 60s and by 1967, the Flying V was back in production. It is a model that Gibson continues to manufacture.

Notable Players: Marc Bolan (T.Rex), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Lonnie Mack, Rudolf & Michael Schenker (Scorpions)

Fender Stratocaster

Ask any guitarist which guitar they would love to own, price being no object, and chances are the Fender Stratocaster will be the unanimous top choice. Such is its influence that every modern electric guitar is usually styled in a way to mimic the legendary shape of the Stratocaster. Every great guitarist in the history of music has owned at least one Stratocaster. However, Jimi Hendrix is probably the main reason why the Stratocaster’s popularity skyrocketed. Instead of playing a left-handed guitar, Hendrix simply flipped over a regular Stratocaster and played his way to the moniker of one of the greatest guitarists in history. Of course, any guitar is bound to get recognition when burned onstage by Jimi Hendrix. Twice.

Notable Players: Eric Clapton, Dick Dale, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, The Edge (U2), John Mayer

Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Gibson Les Paul has a rich history and since 1952, when the first Les Paul was sold, it has remained one of the best guitars that money can buy. Starting with the original Goldtop in 1952, Gibson made a variety of Les Pauls, each one a classic in its own right. However, if you have to pick out one particular Les Paul that’s stands out, it would have to be the Les Paul Standard. Originally produced in 1958, the Les Paul Standard was a big hit. However, it was modified in 1961 and became the SG, with Gibson effectively ceasing production of the Standard. However, it was so popular and demand for it was so high, Gibson restarted production in 1968 and the Les Paul Standard continues to be made till today.

Notable Players: Mike Bloomfield, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Paul McCartney

Due to their iconic status and cult following, it is not surprising that all 3 guitars are still in production and are considered to be the pinnacle of electric guitar performance, even after all these decades.

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