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How to Write Songs That Sell

I've got to tell you I'm very pleased to have made a new acquaintance in the music education arena and specifically in songwriting and how to become a songwriter.

For me writing a song is about two different ideas. That is lyric writing and separately about instrumental arrangements. The good lyric writer uses storytelling and the purest musician arranges verses and chorus for the instruments where melody line is the important aspect.

Now I'll profess, I'm more about the instrumental approach as I was trained in classical music as a piano soloist and in jazz. This is especially true for me when I get into arranging and composing in hip chords and progressions.

One of the things that I like to do is play around on my keyboard with ideas and motifs. It is fun, but I tend to improvise and not really set my ideas into structure that would allow me to collaborate with other musicians.

So when I was approached about taking a look at this new publication on songwriting I had to take a look to find out if there was anything that would appeal to me. 

New Songwriting Books

Mr. Anthony Ceseri from Success with Songs has just published his new eBook called “How to Write Songs that Sell“. I've been reading through his materials and applying them to some of my ideas and I'm finding some very useful ideas and tools for helping me with my songwriting.

You could call this a very thorough songwriting 101 course, but I'm thinking it's offering more practical direction than say a technical college book would.

Forming Songwriting Ideas

Although I'm not much on lyrics, I've started rethinking some of my simpler ideas and begun using a few suggestions from this book to work up my own song. Although I don't have the big desire to be a songwriter, I'm finding myself intrigued by the very idea of songwriting for fun.

What started out as curiosity now has me working on structuring my creative ideas into formed instrumental songs and taking a cue from Felix Mendelsohn's “Songs Without Words” compositions.  

This thoughtful new songwriting toolkit has some very practical direction and suggestions on organizing your thoughts and structuring your songs that will make your process more efficient and effective. And if you don't know, I like these two principles when comes to teaching and learning.

There is a whole section on getting songwriting inspiration as well with some effective songwriting exercises to help you form your ideas into manageable parts.

What The Songwriting eBook Will Do for You

The eBook is broken down to the 4 sections that address song ideas, chord progressions, melodies and lyrics.

Each of these sections provides guidance and tools on approaching ways to improve your song writing.

The 5th section talks about important mind matters of belief and mindset when it comes to composing your songs. Read my full review at: Write Songs Review

You'll learn two different approaches to these sections to help you improve your songwriting talents. One is the Songwriting Inspiration Method and the other is the Do it Yourself Method with songwriting techniques.

 Combined these approaches give you tools and guidance that will get you past any road blocks you may be having.

One of the best things for me has been the song structures sections and how to plan your song ahead of time and flesh it out section by section. What struck me most was I didn't have to stay locked in I could mold it as I was progressing to fit my objectives.

Recommendation for Learning Songwriting

I'm giving this eBook a full recommendation for anyone wanting to write better songs at any level. I fully believe that you can apply it to both the lyric writing as well as the instrumental, although it is focused more for the total package of lyric writing and instrumental combination.

The practical straight forward songwriting course covers dozens of tips and techniques to make you a better song writer. With the object of writing songs that sell and that people will want to listen to, it's well worth the investment and taking the time to explore how to write a great song.

There is one thing I'd do with this songwriting course, don't just download this book and then read through it and forget it. Get out a real pad of paper and pencil, and then do the work as you go. It will pay off big time!

Get the new Songwriting how to guide at: Success Writing Songs

Another resource to also check out is how to license your music. It's a complete guide on protecting your music compositions.

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