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Musicians can be a difficult bunch to shop for, mainly because those buying the gifts oftentimes don’t share the same in-depth knowledge of instruments and gear the musician does. But even those who have never picked up a guitar or set up a mic stand should be able to find a great gift for those musicians close to them.

That’s because there are many budget items and products on the market that any fledgling guitarist or vocalist will find useful. And the best part is the gift giver doesn’t even have to a have a working knowledge of these products before purchasing them.

Chromatic Guitar tuner — starting at around $10

While most professional guitarists can tune their instruments by ear in a matter of seconds and achieve pitch-perfect results, most intermediate and beginning players can always use a tuner. Chromatic tuners are great gifts because they are inexpensive and anyone can use them, regardless of age or experience level. The Korg CA-40 is one great option, as it is reliable, easy to use and retails for $11.31.

Capo — $5.00-20.00

One classic example of an object that non-musicians can’t decipher but that guitarists of all skill levels love is the capo. This is a metal or plastic clamp attachment that fits over a guitar’s fretboard in order to change the pitch of the notes. Capos make great gifts for guitarists because they simply can never have enough of them (mostly because many guitarists are always losing their capos). The Keyser 6-string capo is a good choice, retailing for around $11.00.

Guitar for Dummies: acoustic starter pack — $78.44

This is a good gift for those who have yet to pick up a guitar but would like to learn the art of the axe. The package comes with the Dummies instructional book, audio tutorial CD, beginner acoustic guitar and gig bag. It’s got everything the beginning guitarist needs, and an added benefit is that the gift giver won’t be out a hefty sum of cash should the student get bored and give up on their new hobby.

Guitar stand – starting at around $10

Whether it’s a 50-dollar beginner balsa-wood acoustic or an Eric Clapton signature Stratocaster, all guitars could use a stand. That’s for the simply reason that all musicians love to display their instruments at home or in the studio. Stands are a great practical gift because most musicians can use them and they are inexpensive. The Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand, for example, retails for $9.50.

Memorex SingStand Home Karaoke System — $58.99

This is a good introductory microphone system for those interested in learning to sing in addition to their guitar playing. While studio-quality mics can cost thousands of dollars, a system like this is more practical as a first-step on the road to being a professional vocalist. In fact, this gift is tailor made for those children who are at the point of singing along with CDs and the radio.

These are just a few ideas suited to those interested in learning to play the guitar or learn to sing properly. That being said, some of these gifts, such as the capo, stand and tuner, are appropriate budget gifts for players of all experience levels.

Justin Miller is a professional blogger that writes for Jamplay.com. JamPlay is a leading online music educator offering 2,000+ online guitar lesson videos in HD.



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