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Winter is on the horizon and various holidays are creeping upon us. So I've started thinking about the types of music related gifts I'll be considering for my friends and family.

Some times it's as easy as getting a staff pad for writing down those impromptu riffs or melodies. Sometimes its about doing something a little more special for the budding musician in your family. Maybe it's coming up with a music gift for your jamming partners, or even dear old dad.

So I've been exploring some ideas and coming across some different and sometimes not so obvious ideas for music gifts for the different holidays. So here's what I'm doing and I'm going to be sharing these ideas via a gift posting category over that the Music Theory Workshop just for music related gifts and ideas.

Exploring Ideas for Music Gifts

Mostly I've found myself exploring ideas and haven't as yet zeroed in on any one holiday or event where a very specific type of gift for a musician might be in order, but I've kind of gotten started with odd and ends ideas and putting some of my tips together as I think through the ramifications of providing a common or unique music gift.

So far I've got a few posts together and I'm working on some new ones over the next several weeks. So be sure to bookmark the category and come back from time to time to see what new things I've got going on.


In the Future

On the horizon are some ideas for different drum sets and accessories.   Looking at some guitar string options. Exploring some portable ideas for music instruments. Accessories for the kids and young adults.

So like I say I'll update the e-zine subscribers and let you know when I've got some new ideas and tips. Hey if you have some ideas share them here, you might get me thinking about some great items for my gift giving needs.

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