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Jazz is a wonderful genre of music that has enthralled music lovers for decades. But they remain an enigma for the beginners. Hardly a beginner has been able to produce that soulful music of the great masters like Herbie Hancock and Charles Parker without some considerable effort and of course some efficient guidance.

Given below are some of the tips to give you a better and a more focused start on the beautiful journey of learning jazz.

Beginning With Some Jazz Standard

Learning jazz is a lot like learning a new language. Every “word”, or a lick or chord in this case, you learn is added to your vocabulary. This is going to be used when you learn to form the “sentences” and “communicate”. Your next step in this direction would be to learn some melody and chord changes.

Step Up To the Jazz Language

Learning jazz is hugely different from learning classical and therefore the methods would differ widely. You have to learn the notes as you go along and a very little is in the written form.

A major portion is learnt though your ears, through listening to the great masters. So, you really have to toil to decipher what you are hearing. Pick your favorite album and start with a few bars at a time. You might not be able to do the same with the entire album, but you must be able to play along with the music.

For starters, chose something that has a moderate rhythm and then graduate on to the faster ones. Remember it is not the notes but it is how you play them is important.

Go Back To the Theory Concepts

Learning about the theory of music is also a very good way to make the journey of learning jazz easier even if not quicker. This will make sure that you know what you are doing.  Learning some common chord progression can be of immense help for you s a beginner even for those who are not piano players. You can also learn some fundamental jazz chords and a few chord voicing.

Get Your Hands on Some Jazz Vocabulary

Follow the steps of the great masters and learn some of their licks to begin with. This will give you a strong footing and confidence. Also you will get taste of the essence of this mesmerizing style of music and thus help you in the next huge step.

Put Together Your Own Expressions

This is the nest and the final step. Once you learn the licks and the chords of the masters you will be able to figure out how they go about making the vocabulary work. By creating your own range of expressions you will be able to express yourself through the timeless tradition of jazz.

Jazz is all about personal expression and experience, about finding your own voice and expressing yourself. So you have to put in elements from your own life and improvise.

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The author Matthew Parker is a passionate blogger who has written a number of blogs on music and various related topics. Here, he talks of some simple steps to make learning jazz easier for the beginners. He also points out how the process can be made easier by buying latest release for DVD online where one gets to Buy Movies on DVD.

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