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What If You Could Learn To Play Piano In A Weekend?

I’m not kidding; yes, you can learn to play the piano in a weekend, but plan on spending 2 full days to do it. Then with some more days enjoying your new found abilities.

Or maybe you’ll be able to take two or three weeks at a couple of hours a day. Doesn’t matter, but imagine playing 3 to 5 songs within just a few days.

What I'm sharing with you today, I'm extremely excited about and I may go a little over the top explaining this, but that's because I completely believe in this system.

How do I know you can accomplish this?

Well I actually participated in just such a class nearly 20 years ago when I had decided that I needed to take formal piano lessons to get past my road blocks of learning to play piano.

That weekend piano workshop was conducted by my mentor and friend Donna Cercone.

Music Master Course

Music Master Course

After over 20 years in development Donna has packaged this beginner’s piano workshop into a home study course with teaching videos, and study workbook.

What You’ll Achieve

Here are just a few of the many reasons of what you’re going to be able to accomplish with this workshop.

  1. Complete over one year of piano-music lessons in record time.
  2. Learn over 4 years of traditional teaching music theory in less than 20 hours.
  3. Have a great grasp of music knowledge; as much or as most students get in 3 to 4 years of study.
  4. Be playing 6 songs, completely with both hands
  5. Understand the music elements of the songs.

Donna starts all her new students with this group workshop. Why?

It’s because it creates two incredible situations with the students.

One, they get that all important instant gratification of accomplishing a great amount of music skill and knowledge in a weekend. And they're playing real songs right away.

Second she doesn’t have to waste weeks on end with individual students teaching the same music principles over and over.  This allows the students to blaze through learning more music and new songs. The focus moves from learning bits and pieces of music to learning more technique and performance skills at a much faster pace in their own personal journeys.

Imagine That You Can Play Real Songs In Just A Few Days Work.

Personal note: Within 3 months of starting with the Cercone method I was playing and learning and having more fun with music than the I had in my entire life of trying to figure this stuff out on my own.

I was picking up music concepts and skills faster than I ever thought possible. I still to this day can pick out the feelings of exhilaration from this course and pride of accomplishment from having been part of such a great program.

You’ve heard of all the claims of being able to play by learning some chords and notes. The problem is that they're not really teaching you music. You're getting some patterns to follow without actually understanding what you are doing.

This is where Donna’s program is different. It’s a true knuckle down and learn the basics fast so you can accomplish real playing now.

What it also gives you is the ability to apply the knowledge of music to new songs you want to play or even compose.

This isn’t about learning to follow numbers and note names on the keyboard it’s about true understanding of how music is structured.

How is it accomplished?

Donna has taken the time to record the exact same information that is taught to her kick off classes to her students.

However, she’s now compiled a complete set of worksheets and when I started this course we had to create them on our own.

With this new organization, this means that you’ll still do the physical music theory with the sheets, but you’ll be getting to the piano quicker to implement that knowledge.

I thought it was fast back then, now it’s even accelerated. Nice touch Donna!

You’ll start out learning that music is a language and it has an alphabet and words. Music is structured with phrases just like sentences tell you a story which translates to rhythm and expression in song.

You’ll learn:

  1. The notes and how to read them on the master staff.
  2. That specific note sequences define scales.
  3. How combinations of notes are grouped to form chords or intervals.
  4. How to apply this knowledge to songs
  5. And much more

With over 30 chapters of teaching materials you’ll be getting “hands down” the best beginners piano and music course available.

The Cercone Star is a unique way of looking at music with color and graphics that make learning songs easy. To this day I use this technique to learn new songs or in my head for improvising.

If you haven’t heard those mighty college level course that are available are academic and more than just a little difficult to get through.

Donna’s approach is direct and practical. It’s designed with the student accomplishment in mind not the professor’s ego of imparting knowledge.

Believe me when I tell you. That what I learned 20 years ago was simply amazing and with 2 decades of improvements it’s phenomenal today.

Personal Note: my daughter is taking lessons from Donna right now. So I’m staying up to date on her latest developments and improvements in the program. She has and is always testing new ideas on how to accomplish more at a faster pace and with greater accuracy.

Yes, my daughter is showing me up already. Geeeezzzzz! You just gotta love that!

What If You Don’t Get Started Today:

Here’s what’s going to happen if you don’t get on this program.

You’re going to look for another teacher that will do the same thing for you. Not going to happen, Donna’s method is unique and powerful. Very few teachers have this capability to teach music this well and this fast.

You’ll put it off and then you’ll find all sorts of excuses for not getting started.

It’ll be two years from now and you’ll have accomplished nothing or if you started a different way will only learning a fraction of what you would have if you get started today.

Look, I waited many years to get restarted. I was ecstatic when I did, and only wish I’d started years earlier. Today I enjoy playing and entertain myself, family, and friends when I can. It’s an unbelievable self fulfilling accomplishment that I treasure every day. And all thanks to Donna Cercone.

Value of the Home Study Best Piano Course

This isn’t a direct online course although there may be additional downloads available. It’s a true study at home with the DVD’s and hardcopy work set.

With 30 chapters this course is priced at $10 per lesson. This is about a 1/3 of what you’d pay for a weekly half hour lesson and several times more. This course retails for $297 and is worth every cent you’d pay for it. Actually it’s worth more in my opinion.

Right now, Donna is bringing this program to market and offering a 30% discount at $197.

I don’t know how long she’ll leave it this way but if you’re serious about learning piano this program is going to be the way to go. At $7 per lesson you can give up your cappuccino for each lesson and feel better for achieving a life time music skill vs. a short term caffeine fix.

Donna has worked with a copywriter to bring you a great sales page with detailed information on what this program is all about. She talks about how Mozart learned, how the genius mind works, and how she’s studied various teaching methods over the years to bring you the best program.

You can and probably should read the piano course sales letter; it’s packed with great information. But if you want to get started you can scroll down to the order box near the bottom and see what’s packaged and the extra bonuses.

Get Started Here

PS: Disclosure: The MLW music theory course is largely based on my study with Donna Cercone and pulling together music theory teaching into a new digital online format. MLW has additions of specific other techniques for learning and presentation of common knowledge music theory. Our courses cover a wide range of music theory and are not for specific instruments. They are designed for those needing direct music theory knowledge that can be applied to all instruments and various levels of music students.

The Cercone music mastery course is specifically designed to cover the beginner’s piano and music lessons that are commonly taught in one or even possibly two years in a traditional studio setting. It is a specific and in my opinion the best piano course available today.

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