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Does this technique of ownership get you to the expected outcome?

Are you relying on your teacher to much to help you achieve your goals? Do you let them produce an outcome or are you taking the lead and determining your own outcomes?

Today I submit to you that the final outcomes of our learning experience is not set by our teachers, it's directly determined by the endeavor the student that will be the ultimate factor in success. Each student has a specific responsibly to attain desired outcomes.

What Is It That You Need To Do To Take Ownership And Get To The Outcome?

girl-study-music-sheetLearning any new subject in music or in an occupation, hobby, sport, or what have you requires a series of steps to proceed through to an outcome. Each outcome is dependent upon what a student is willing to take on as responsibility and how well one engages in achieving the end goal.

The one aspect that has a significant impact is ownership of eventual outcomes. Lets take a look at ownership and different aspects of the learning our music.

Teaching Information And Not Ownership

Through out the world in music studios and music class rooms the elements and components of music is pontificated to the masses of students. These students of music rely far too much on the  teacher or musician to direct their path to the conclusion of being musician and performer. Simply directing improved skill and technique is not enough.

Many students are dedicated to the process and follow right along and achieve the success they have fixed in their minds. However, it may be the case that the teacher may have failed the student. Not from the lack of the teaching method but in the lack of motivating student determination and end focus.

I submit this is true to the degree that ownership to a final ending is basically the students and in many cases to their parents means of support. They have not determined where the path has to go to obtain the outcome of choice.

Why Do I Make Sure A Claim?

I have unwittingly practiced this very issue with my own child as I became so busy I let slide the attention needed to ensure progress, thus allowing the interest to slip away to more immediately appealing subjects.

I should be taking a more direct approach of exploring what she can achieve in the near future and helping her focus on that outcome. It's not about being a rock star next year, it's finding a step that can be worked toward. A process of moving forward to an outcome.

The Path Forward

This may nothing more than finding a little tougher song, showing the student what they can achieve and then setting that goal in there mind. Showing that goal can be listening to the song being performed by the teacher or a recording.

I'll continue in another post about outcome based ownership. Until then what are your thoughts on driving your own outcomes?

Stephenie May 7, 2009 at 4:45 pm

I agree that the student needs to take responsibility for their own growth and learning benchmarks. However, just like when you start an exercise regiment, setting up realistic goals, benchmarks for your learning, and positive reinforcement (like a recital or new music) will keep you motivated. Sometimes frustration, or boredom with a difficult song can stunt the learning curve. I have found that playing for family and friends, or re-visiting a favorite song inspires me to challenge myself once again.

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