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The Music Learning Workshop Blog is place to discuss the aspects of learning music and teaching students of music.

This blog is an extension of the main site where you can find additional information on learning music and the music theory concepts.

This is a place where I will share new information about our community, inform of new sections added to our main site, reviews, recommendations, and resources that you can use for music related learning concepts.


I will typically try to keep the posts short and to the point. However, knowing my propensity to blab on at times I will of course end up with longer posts. I would like this area to be a discussion among the community of music students and encourage you to comment on the subjects.

There will be rules to the post comments. Please read them before commenting.

I encourage you to be provocative and provide different views and experiences. Take time to reinforce your opinion with examples or your logic.

Welcome to our new place to explore learning music and keeping the music journey going.

Stay “in-tune”


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Stephenie March 2, 2009 at 12:28 am

Limited space tip:

Currently my living situation is one that when I’m practicing I’m either disrupting my family or feel like all of the neighbors are listening to me trip over the notes. I have found that practicing on my keyboard with headphones helps me concentrate, focus, and forget about people “judging” my music.

Brad_C March 5, 2009 at 5:53 am

Great point Stephenie,
Getting in the zone to practice has always been a problem for many of us. Using a digital keyboard and headphones lets you get into your own space and make the most of it. When you get into advanced technique with proper hand motion and expression (thats high level cool concert level stuff) you have to use the acoustic piano. My wife would go shopping for hours when I would practice just so she wouldn’t have to listen to my fumble sessions.

With today’s digital pianos also mimicking the feel and touch of the grands even that issue is now starting to go away. I’ve especially like the Yamaha and Roland series. Thanks for the thought I’ll address that in a later post.
Get in the zone.

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