Copyright and protecting your musical creations takes on two aspects which makes it difficult to earn value for your effort or to expose your talents to the masses.

In the digital age there are so many workarounds to coping and sharing your materials whether they be print, audio or movies. Although the publishers have done many things to make it harder to copy materials there will always be the unethical that will find ways to do it.

In trying to protect your property you'll also quickly realize that the effort to do so far out ways any reward you may get in return.

You may however find that in many cases that with the advancement of technology and specific pricing advantages that many folks would rather drop a few dollars and get the product with the least amount of hassle.

So it does pay to find a path where you can promote samples of your creation to the public via a audio file or through the use of YouTube and then direct those listeners or fans to places that make it really easy to pick up more.

However, because you want royalties you should still consider licensing your music. Therefore if you're headed down the path of publishing and performing you should learn what you need to do. 

In that regard we are recommending that you check out the

Complete Guide to Licensing Your Music

Complete Guide to Licensing Music

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